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6061 Aluminum Alloy For Automotive Panels


 6061 aluminum alloy is one of the main products of the 6000 series alloy, and is the important part of the alloy into the automotive field of the alloy, but also many of the domestic manufacturers of aluminum industry focused on the development of core products.

At present, domestic manufacturers have been part of the development of 6061 aluminum alloy in the automotive aluminum sheet applications, after the technical breakthrough, at present, the 6061 board has been able to meet the highest requirements for some automobile manufacturers covering sheet. It is reported that the 6061 collection of material properties research and development of domestic enterprises is superior, can reach the international leading level, comparable with international enterprise products.

According to experts, automotive panels on the mechanical properties of aluminum sheet is higher, the performance of the sheet flanging and surface quality have strict standards. Under normal circumstances, the production and research and development of automotive panels is an industry technical problems for the majority of enterprises at home and abroad,.

Although the technology is more difficult, but part of the company's research and development has been 6061 aluminum alloy for automotive applications opened up a broad market. As long as the mechanical properties, paint hardening performance, flanging performance, surface quality and so on to meet the relevant standards of automobile manufacturing enterprises, then, 6061 aluminum alloy car market will usher in the development of blowout.

Lightweight development is an important opportunity for the development of aluminum processing industry. In the environmental, economic and other aspects not only to replace some of the steel, and even many new industries, new products star products. 6061 aluminum alloy car cover applications, aluminum processing industry is a new start, but also the domestic aluminum enterprises to enter the new direction of automotive aluminum.

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