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Mingtai Aluminum environmental protection 8000 series lithium battery aluminum foil


  Lithium battery for the 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil to O-based, Mingtai Aluminum can produce 0.035-0.055mm, 100-1600mm wide battery pack, the Mingtai aluminum to high-quality products, the best Service to meet your needs.

The latest research in the lithium-ion battery industry has found that the surface of the aluminum (Al) alloy foil used as the positive electrode current collector of the lithium ion rechargeable battery is etched and roughened to improve the charge and discharge characteristics of the battery. After the surface roughening treatment of aluminum foil and the binding of the active material and did not do the surface treatment of aluminum foil compared to the battery charge and discharge characteristics were significantly improved. This has an important role in the development of rechargeable batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as rechargeable batteries for power storage and wind power generation.

8000 Series Aluminum

Lithium battery quality requirements

The surface of the first aluminum foil color uniform, clean, flat plate, no significant roll, pitting, pinholes, corrosion traces;

The second aluminum foil surface without creases, spots, bright lines such as rolling defects;

Third aluminum foil surface without color;

The fourth surface without oil, no serious oil smell, no visible eye spot;

The fifth surface tension, the lead pen test is not less than 32 dyne;

Lithium battery aluminum foil appearance requirements

First, the aluminum foil wrapped tight elastic moderate, smooth and smooth edges, smooth edges;

Second, the aluminum foil wound layer should not exceed ± 1.0mm;

Third, the aluminum foil core width is greater than or equal to the foil width, the general diameter of the two ends of the core does not exceed the foil width of 5mm.

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