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Mingtai 5083 thick aluminum plate, 5086 rust aluminum plate for ships


 China is a very superior condition of water transport, with the rapid development of economy and trade, will need a large number of ships, so the development of aluminum alloy ships with a broad and market.

Aluminum alloy used in ships can be divided into aluminum alloy for hull structure, aluminum alloy for outfitting and aluminum alloy for filling and filling. At present, aluminum alloy used in ship shell structure is mainly 5083 thick shipbuilding aluminum plate, 5086 rust-proof aluminum plate, Their mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and welding performance are very good, and recently in the high-speed boat is also used 5086-O aluminum alloy 5086-h111 aluminum.

5086 Aluminum plate

The thickness of the use of the plate is determined by the structure of the hull, the specifications of the ship and the use of the site, from the perspective of the weight of the hull, the depth of the use of a boat should also be considered in the use of the depth of the plate when the city, Mm above the plate and more than 30mm thick plate, in order to reduce the weld, commonly used 2m wide aluminum, large ships use 2.5m wide aluminum, the length of the general 6m, of course, in accordance with the shipyard contract also use special specifications of the plate, For the non-slip, deck with pattern plate.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum has been certified by the Det Norske Veritas certification of China Classification Society Wuhan Branch issued the "China Classification Society factory accreditation certificate." The certificate shows that the company's ability to produce related aluminum alloy sheet and conditions in line with China Classification Society certification standards. Mingtai Aluminum can customize your products according to your needs.

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