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Mingtai Aluminum 2017 Shanghai International Aluminum Industry Exhibition


 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition as the world's aluminum industry exhibition in the premier annual event, called the gluttonous feast of aluminum. Henan Mingtai Aluminum invited to participate in the aluminum industry exhibition for two consecutive years, this year will carry what innovative technology products to bring you what kind of surprise, let us wait and see.

Time: July 19-21, 2017

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Mingtai W2 Hall 2D30 Hall)

Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai 2017 Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition exhibitors samples

Subway traffic body with aluminum series

5000 series of alloy products: mainly used for subway car top decoration, in the roof at the outlet, electrical cabinet wall panels. Mingtai Aluminum has maintained a keen insight into the industry, the introduction of advanced equipment in Germany, to create advanced aluminum processing products. The main products for the EMU car body, large parts of the body and rail transit with large cross-section aluminum, used in high-speed rail, the use of high-speed aluminum alloy plate, Motor vehicles, intercity rail trains, aerospace, transportation and other fields, while in the Central Plains Economic Zone, rail transportation equipment repair base to achieve an annual output of 300 rail body parts, has a broad market prospects.

Mingtai Aluminum

3105 bottle cap material series

3105 aluminum alloy is the main metal element of Al-Mn, on the basis of 3003 aluminum alloy by adding part of Cu, Mg to increase the mechanical properties of the finished product, the alloy has a higher strength than 3003; 3105 main use for the housing baffle, the activities of housing sheet, gutters and falling water pipes, sheet metal processing cap and sealing plug; In order to increase the demand for aluminum deepening of the cap material, and the use of aluminum in the bottle industry is increasing. Wine industry work environment is very strict, which requires structural materials with a certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and resistance to pressure, deep punching and other properties, taking into account the wine industry structure and use of the environment, but also the need for bottle material With good food safety. And ordinary bottle cover with aluminum is difficult to meet the strength of the cap material performance and its safety. 3105 bottle cap material main thickness of 0.15-0.3mm, state O state, H12, H14, H16 and so on.

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