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Mingtai military quality 5456 aluminum plate for armor


 At present, passive armor and reactive armor are the two most widely used armor applications. In the mechanism of action, the passive armor to rely on its own armor characteristics against the projectile attack, and reactive armor is usually used to stimulate the armor material to produce kinetic energy response, but also counter-attack on the projectile. Armor use what kind of material, generally in accordance with the design of the use may be, generally use high-strength materials, 5456 aluminum plate is suitable for armor plate.

Armor plate with 5456 aluminum plate is aluminum and aluminum rust-proof aluminum, performance and 5083 aluminum plate similar, but slightly higher strength, stress corrosion sensitivity, widely used in marine aluminum plate, showing its excellent characteristics. Armor system design is of course the lighter weight the better. Steel materials are highly adaptable in use, change their composition and heat treatment can be obtained after the destruction of energy and energy absorption characteristics, but in the lightweight, than the same characteristics of the aluminum alloy. 5456 alloy aluminum plate with the appropriate toughness and plasticity, the bottom deck of the plasticity to better prevent the armor plate on the crack increases and reduce its hardness. 5456 alloy aluminum plate weldability is better than steel, for the armor is also a good choice.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is the first-class 5456 aluminum plate manufacturer, with advanced production equipment and strong processing capacity, the ship plate processing access to the authority of the international certification, the production of 5456 marine aluminum plate has excellent quality, with high toughness, Corrosion resistance and weldability, for the strict production of ships to provide high-quality materials. Mingtai board can be more resistant to the weather in the ocean climate, steam, water and other media corrosion, durable, more economical.

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