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Henan Mingtai Aluminum participate in 2017 China International Exhibition


July 19 - 21, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. led a delegation to participate in China International Aluminum Industry and Shanghai International Industrial Materials Exhibition, the exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, brought together from 30 countries and regions Of more than 500 leading enterprises. Mingtai Aluminum to bring new products debut exhibition, to showcase the core production equipment "1 +1" hot rolling production line of the basic situation, the annual rolling force of 450,000 tons, can produce all the 1000-8000 series of alloy, can produce alloy The maximum width of the plate is 3100mm, the maximum width of the coil is 2600mm, and the minimum thickness of the coil is 3mm. The main products for the container board, automotive plate with hot-rolled coil, cans with hot-rolled coil, construction strip, aluminum plate and plate, can be used in military, transportation, aviation industry, shipbuilding industry, Petrochemical and construction engineering and other manufacturing areas.

Mingtai Aluminum participate

 Automotive aluminum plate lightweight has become the main trend in the field of transportation aluminum applications. In the automotive industry, from steel to aluminum topic continues to heat up, Mingtai Aluminum has been in the aluminum body technology has made progress in the future of automobile manufacturing, more than 95% of the cars have to use after processing Aluminum products, China's auto market continues to grow, will further promote the development of lightweight automotive innovation, Mingtai Aluminum will also put more energy in this above.

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