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Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Industry Exhibition of phone shell aluminum plate


 This year, Shanghai Aluminum Exhibition will focus on the forefront of industry technology, the depth of hot topics, chassis metallization as the development trend of consumer electronics, aluminum as excellent lightweight aluminum, used in various fields, aluminum processing market prospects, The display of the mobile phone metal chassis raw materials, semi-finished products, the application of finished products and related machinery and equipment, accessories, including aluminum alloy plate materials are well-built by the Mingtai Aluminum.

Advanced technology is the key to the development of aluminum industry to achieve innovation-driven development. 2016 mobile phone metal chassis penetration rate of about 38%, this statistic can be achieved to a certain extent, the metal has become a facade of innovation and an important direction, and gradually form the scale of application potential. Mingtai Aluminum is committed to the improvement and research of aluminum alloy processing technology, conform to the development trend of consumer electronics, the latest processing results through the aluminum industry exhibition to show the major enterprises and customers.

Mingtai Aluminum

2017 aluminum exhibition with deep processing forum and deep processing display area, to achieve multi-field, the region's outstanding enterprises and representatives of products and technology display and seminars. By then, hundreds of countries and regions, including China, including hundreds of aluminum exhibitors, will be a complete display from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related machinery and equipment, accessories, including supplies, including aluminum industry chain. The exhibition will also focus on consumer electronics and aerospace aluminum, aluminum processing technology around the welding technology and connection technology and other aluminum hot applications and advanced processing technology for in-depth discussion. Mingtai Aluminum has a good performance, get everyone's unanimous praise.

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