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Mingtai Aluminum High Quality Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil


Air conditioning aluminum foil is generally used for 3003 aluminum foil, mainly to have good formability, its organization and performance must be uniform, less metallurgical defects, anisotropy is small, while requiring high strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, flatness is good. The amount of aluminum foil used in air conditioning varies according to the size of the model and the power, and the thinner aluminum foil can reduce the amount of aluminum used in the same heat transfer area and reduce the cost of air conditioning radiator. Therefore, "reduce the thickness of aluminum foil", was the development trend of aluminum foil products and winning magic. With the development of air conditioning industry, air conditioning with aluminum foil thickness thinning trend is particularly evident.

Mingtai Aluminum  air Conditioning

Mingtai Aluminum has introduced a world-class Zhuo God foil rolling mill, using Andritz plate roll, to achieve high quality aluminum foil provides a guarantee. Strict control of the processing quality of electronic aluminum foil, the output of the finished version of the type of flat, no black oil, small black wire, bright lines and other defects appear, it is to prevent burr, lotus leaf, etc., such as the impact of the quality of the situation.

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