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Good corrosion resistance aluminum plate 5083 for tanker body


With the aluminum alloy R & D and extensive use, used in the tank industry, the same thickness of 5083 aluminum decaying time up to 15 years, the same size of the tank, its weight is also reduced by about 25%, reducing fuel consumption, To achieve energy-saving emission reduction, greatly improving the use of the vehicle, this is why the country in the promotion of tanker aluminum plate slowly replace the reasons for steel.

Tank is the core of each tanker business, and tanker material is the main reference factor for customers to choose high quality tanker. 5083 tanker material quality differences, virtually also affect the customer evaluation and procurement of tankers. High-quality tanker material, the delivery is the tank manufacturer's strength, professional and brand degrees, so that transport becomes more secure, more at ease.

Mingtai Aluminum has a team of 480 technical staff, leading the management level, improve the service system laid the foundation of the company's strong competitive strength. China's largest private aluminum processing listed companies, the first domestic independent research and development (1 +4) hot-rolled production line, confirms the Mingtai Aluminum in the international market influence. The current tanker aluminum manufacturers many, but the product quality varies greatly, Mingtai Aluminum 5083 body with aluminum production technology to achieve world-class standards, widely used in the industry, by many industry counterparts unanimously approved.

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