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Mingtai Aluminum aluminum foil price list


Aluminum foil in the present use is also more extensive, and has a variety of classification, different classification has a different role, take a single zero foil, the single piece of foil is 0.01mm thickness and less than 0.1mm foil, the most commonly used is In the production of air-conditioning foil. The price of aluminum foil is not static, the impact of aluminum foil prices are the following factors:

Technical content. The quality of aluminum foil to a certain extent affected by the processing technology, in general, the higher the technical production price will be higher, it is because the professional technical staff and advanced processing equipment need to invest more, so the price is relatively high The

The nature of the enterprise. We all know that the factory direct goods than the hands of agents from the cheap a lot, this is because agents want to make the difference, deliberately raise the price, Mingtai Aluminum is a direct factory, from the factory directly out of the goods basically Is the lowest price of the product, so the manufacturer's product price is lower than the traders' price.

Mingtai Aluminum aluminum foil price list

Purchase method (full payment, payment ratio). Sub-payment of the intermediate bank will be calculated according to the interest rate to pay the cost, in principle, the longer the price will increase the period, compared to the whole paragraph is not so much trouble.

Transportation cost. Logistics and transportation of different prices are not the same, air transport, shipping and land transport, hundreds of tons of aluminum with air transport, is equivalent to burning money, so the cost of transport should be minimized.

Different alloy conditions will affect the price. The same type of alloy, alloy state is not the same, the addition of different alloys, the price is not the same, different states of the alloy used in the treatment process is different from the production requirements, the price will be affected.

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