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Mingtai Aluminum environmental protection lithium battery aluminum foil


In the increasingly severe environmental pressures today, green, low-carbon, clean new energy is becoming the direction of the development of the energy industry, new energy vehicles using power batteries, power batteries to lithium-based, lithium batteries using aluminum foil is green, Lithium foil for lithium batteries is made of 1235 aluminum foil and 1060 aluminum foil. Lithium batteries using lithium batteries have the following advantages.

Lithium battery life is relatively long, the service life can reach more than 6 years,

1235 Aluminum foil

Lithium battery high and low temperature adaptability, can be -20 ℃ - 60 ℃ environment, after the process of treatment, can be used in -45 ℃ environment;

Green, regardless of production, use and scrapped, do not contain, nor produce any lead.

Lithium-ion battery used in a large number of mobile phones, laptops, power tools, electric vehicles, street lamp backup power, air lights, home appliances, the application of such a wide range of lithium-ion battery cathode to promote the development of aluminum foil.

Choose high-quality aluminum foil in order to better ensure the quality of lithium battery products, choose Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a good choice for you.

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