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Mingtai Aluminum 5A03 Al-Mg alloy for High-speed rail sound barrier


5A03 alloy is Al-Mg alloy, the main element of trace element is Mg, and add a small amount of Mn, Cr, Ti and other elements, impurity elements are mainly Fe, Si, Cu, Zn, Mg element is mainly dissolved The dissolution rate of Mg in the alloy decreases rapidly with the decrease of temperature, but because of the difficulty of precipitation nucleation, the core is small and the precipitated phase is large, so the aging effect of the alloy is low, and it is usually annealed or otherwise State use. The alloy is heat-treated non-reinforced aluminum-magnesium alloy.

5A03 and 5754 contrast:

5A03 and 5754 aluminum alloy is similar to Al-Mg rust-resistant aluminum alloy, 5A03 and 5754 Mg content is similar, but because 5A03 magnesium content slightly higher than 5754 so 5A03 corrosion resistance, tensile strength are higher than 5754, 5A03 alloy silicon content higher than 5754, so the welding performance is better than 5754, can be used for gas welding, welding, spot welding and roll welding.

High-speed rail, subway, highways, viaducts and other places 5A03 or 5754 aluminum sound barrier applications:

5A03 and 5754 aluminum alloy sound barrier is mainly used for highway, elevated road, urban light rail subway and other traffic municipal facilities in the noise reduction, control traffic noise on the impact of nearby urban areas can also be used for factories and other noise sources Noise reduction. Such products designed to take full account of the road wind load, traffic vehicle impact safety and different regions of China's climate conditions, as 5A03 and 5754 and other magnesium alloy has a high strength, easy processing, easy to color, corrosion Good, the intensity is not affected by temperature and humidity, light weight, long life and other characteristics, so the aluminum alloy sound barrier mainly use 5A03 and 5754 alloy.

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