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Mingtai Aluminum high-end 1060 aluminum roll for power battery


Recently, our company's technical department attack nearly 18 months of 1060 power battery soft connection with aluminum roll finally developed successfully, and batch production.

Mingtai Aluminum production of 1060 aluminum roll is mainly used in the soft connection of power batteries, according to the sample user feedback, with our company 1060 aluminum coil roll O-type aluminum production of power battery soft connection, single-chip aluminum foil can be a one-time cut , In the welding when the fusion is good, no burr, the surface smooth, non-oxidized, non-hierarchical, welding solid, conductive performance, fast heat dissipation.

1060 Aaluminum coil

At present, my company's production of power battery soft connection for the 1060-O state, the narrowest width can reach 15mm.

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