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Mingtai Aluminum won the 100 tons of High-speed rail sound barrier with 5A03 aluminum contract


Recently, the Mingtai Aluminum aluminum sales came good news, We signed a 100-ton High-speed rail sound barrier with aluminum contract. The High-speed rail sound barrier is used 5A03 aluminum alloy plate.

It is no accident that the alloy aluminum with 5A03 material is chosen. Because the project is in the south of the sea, it may face the impact of the typhoon. Therefore, the customer has a high demand for the strength and corrosion resistance of the aluminum plate. The Comparison of the traditional road sound barrier field using 1000 series of aluminum and 5000 series 5754 aluminum, the customer decided to use 5A03 aluminum alloy. As the 1000 series is soft and corrosion resistance is limited, and 5A03 alloy aluminum and 5754 alloy aluminum plate with the same Al-Mg rust-resistant aluminum alloy, but because the 5A03 magnesium content slightly higher than 5754, so 5A03 corrosion resistance and tensile strength are higher than 5754, to better combat the storm and corrosion, so the customer finally chose the 5A03 aluminum alloy.

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