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Accelerate the development of intelligent technology aluminum products, promote the new intelligent manufacturing model is the "three five" planning and "Made in China 2025" advocated, but also the future direction of China's manufacturing development. Mingtai Aluminum after more than 20 years of adherence and focus, speed up the "Made in China" transformation and upgrading, the achievements of the sophisticated aluminum processing industry brand, to promote China's manufacturing towards high-end.

As we all know, manufacturing is the main body to promote the development of national economy, promote the development of manufacturing industry, is to implement the "Made in China 2025" an important measure, but also to speed up the construction of a realistic choice. As an important part of the aluminum sheet plate with foil manufacturer industry, the aluminum processing industry can only stand out in the fierce competition.

Mingtai Aluminum continues to strengthen exchanges with advanced enterprises at home and abroad, and actively introduce top technology, from raw materials procurement of aluminum ingots, to the production aspects of the layers of inspection, and then to the factory before the quality inspection, to provide 360-degree worry Quality packaging, to achieve a one-stop shopping around the world propped up a Mingtai aluminum brand, highlighting the unique charm of Mingtai Aluminum.

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