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Difference between aluminum alloy and Anodized aluminum alloy


Aluminum alloy surface is very easy to generate a layer of thin aluminum oxide film (0.01-0.02um), a certain degree of corrosion resistance. However, because this layer of oxide film is amorphous, the surface of aluminum alloy loses its original luster. In addition, this oxide film loose porous, uneven, corrosion resistance is not strong, easy to stain.

 Anodized aluminum alloy

Therefore, the aluminum alloy products are usually subjected to a special oxidation treatment. Before the oxidation treatment, the surface of the product is chemically and physically cleaned to make it bare with a bare metal substrate for the smooth oxidation and coloring. After the aluminum oxide surface treatment of the aluminum alloy is Anodized aluminum alloy, can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum, and enhance wear resistance and hardness, protection of metal surfaces. As the aluminum membrane microporous adsorption capacity, can be colored into a variety of beautiful bright colors.

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