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The performance and advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 6082 aluminum


6082 Aluminum (Composition) is 6000 series (Al-Mg-Si) alloy aluminum plate that is heat-treated and can be strengthened aluminum alloy plate with medium strength and good welding performance, corrosion resistance, mainly for transportation and structural engineering industry. Such as bridges, cranes, roof structures, transport aircraft, transport vessels and so on. Mingtai Aluminum 6082 aluminum on the strict process, superior performance, reliable quality in the domestic aluminum market reputation.

6082 Aluminum plate

In recent years, with the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, reducing the weight of the hull, increasing the speed of the ship and seeking for the aluminum alloy material instead of the steel parts have become an important issue facing the aluminum processing industry and the shipbuilding industry. 6082 aluminum alloy plate with medium strength and good corrosion resistance, light weight, with the development of the level of improvement, 6082 aluminum will usher in another peak of production and sales.

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