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Daily Maintenance in Energy Branch


April 30th, Mingtai our energy branch organized the conference about energy maintenance, the participants include group leaders and all staff of electromechanical teams. The maintenance work pointed out emphatically in this conference, due to a tight schedule and a heavy workload. Every participants must supervise the circumstance on-site to make sure of maintenance quality.

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May 1st, under the guidance of the factory manager, the energy branch and participants successfully carried out the full-scale maintenance work.


Since the establish of the energy branch in 2014, the air fractionator system has been operating. However, the inside of system is easily deposit with sediments in a long-term operation, which will gradually increase the resistance of the device and affect the normal operation of the equipment. As the focal point of this maintenance, the energy branch conducted a comprehensive inspection of the air fractionator system, to clear up all unsafe factors.

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We shut off all the production line to ensure this maintenance quality. During the maintenance process, all employees are required to observing, thinking and practicing, thus to keep a highly safety consciousness even in daily work.
The maintenance work not only shows the unity and hard work of employees, but also inspire their work ethic, to strive for all the goals of this year!

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