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The advantages of food container made by Mingtai aluminum foil


Mingtai specialized in manufacturing aluminum foil for 22 years, offers aluminum foil of high quality with wide thickness range in different alloys, to meets different usage of customer’s need. Nowadays, aluminum foil has a widely applications in our daily life, especially in food container. Food container which made by Mingtai aluminum foil has became more popular that styrofoam container and paper container, given to it’s lightweight and excellent barrier properties for air and water.

Let’s see what advantages of aluminum food container has:

1.Mingtai aluminum foil is fully meets the national standards, quality is assured. Food container which made by Mingtai aluminum foil is non toxic, without any harmful metals.
2.Aluminum food container has a high melting point, able to heated by microwave oven or induction cooker, is an indispensable material in BBQ.
3.Mingtai aluminum foil has a good plasticity, is easy of forming, with a clean surface, can be direct contact with food.
4.Mingtai aluminum foil has a good sealing property, aluminum food container able to keep foods fresh, without leakage.
5.Aluminum food container is recyclable, helps control environmental pollution by reducing the need for waste dumps.
6.Mingtai aluminum foil has a good heat preservation and thermal conductivity, thus it is an ideal material for food container

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