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Mingtai 5052 aluminium sheet


As the automotive lightweight concept is becoming more and more popular, aluminium grow to be the second most used material after steel, for example, steel fuel tank is gradually replaced by aluminium fuel tank. Aluminium sheet material offers a lightweight property, with a density 1/3 of steel, it can make the vehicles lighter and thus to increasing fuel efficiency. Mingtai 5052 aluminium sheet belongs to Al-Mg alloy is an ideal material for fuel tank given to its good rust resistance and corrosion resistance.
Mingtai 5052 aluminium sheet has a small density, always results in a lighter fuel tank than steel fuel tank, which can greatly lighting weight for vehicles. As the weights of vehicles are lighten by fuel tank, the fuel consumption and emissions are also reduced. In addition, Mingtai 5052 aluminium sheet offers a high corrosion resistance and a good processing performance, with a long service life.
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