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Good quality of aluminum foil is the key for aluminum adhesive tape


Mingtai has specialized in manufacturing plain aluminum foil of high quality for 22 years, offers plain aluminum foil for aluminum adhesive tape in a wide thickness range between 0.014-0.2mm, thickness tolerance is controlled within ±4%, with a surface single-sided bright or double-sided bright base on customer’s demand. As the raw material, a good quality of plain aluminum foil is the key for aluminum adhesive tape. Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil are the common alloys for aluminum adhesive tape, without a doubt, aluminum adhesive tape has different requirement in raw material according to different applications. Plain aluminum foil will be processing by gumming and coating, thus the quality of aluminum foil surface is required. Mingtai provide plain aluminum foil for adhesive tape of high quality, with a clean and flat surface, no any oil spots, bumps, scratches and other defects.
Adhesive tape made by aluminum foil has a good stickiness, offers a good aging resistance and thermal insulation properties, as well as a good electromagnetic shielding property. Aluminum adhesive tape has a wide application in electronic product and construction. For example, Aluminum adhesive tape is widely used in repairing refrigerator, wrapping pipes, it can also used as electromagnetic shielding in transformers, mobile phones, computers, LED displays, laptops, copiers, etc.

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