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Meeting of Retrospect and Prospect, for the Better Work


To carry out the better work in workshop and strictly control the quality of production, Mingtai sheet branch organized a meeting, details about the work summary for May and the work plans for June.
At this meeting, the workshop manager summarized the work of May and made a specific plan for June. They made several strict requirements from different management perspectives:
1. Intensifying the safety awareness and the writing level of staff, implement several management and“safety month”activities actively.
2. Particular emphasis the work discipline, operational capacity, self-assessment and self-improvement.
3. Made detailed work plans in safety and environmental protection management, on-site construction inspection, fire equipment inspection and other aspects, continued to promote the implementation of safety production and promote the effective implementation of safety projects.

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In order to do a good job in the construction of the workshop, our workshop staff also learn again the “workshop operation procedure”, require every staff to take their work seriously, correct mistakes and fix it in time, learn from each other and exchange experiences.

Content Source: "明泰铝业" Wechat public account

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