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Mingtai Supply Food Grade Aluminium Foil for Yogurt Lids


Mingtai food grade aluminum foil is non-taxic and tasteless, has a wide application in food packaging, building decoration, electronic equipment and other fields. Mingtai food grade aluminum foil is also widely used in lids due to it’s excellent sealing property. Mingtai food grade aluminum foil has a better sealing property than plastic, plastic has a higher pinhole percentage, and fails to block gas and water. Moreover, mingtai aluminum foil is siutable for lamination, is an ideal material for composite products.

Food grade aluminum foil yogurt cover

The advantages of Mingtai food grade aluminum foil for yogurt lids:

1. Lids need to processed by heat seal, Mingtai aluminum foil has a high melting point, as well as a good sealing effect.
2. Mingtai aluminum foil has a low pinhole percentage and a good cupping value, is an ideal material for yogurt lid and milk powder can lid.
3. Mingtai food grade aluminum foil offers good properties in thermal insulation, moisture resistance, and an excellent barrier property to gas, moisture and lights, these excellent properties also helps to extending shelf life for food.

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