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Mingtai aluminum foil offers perfect protection for pharmaceutical products


Mingtai aluminum foil offers a excellent barrier property, can ensure products to be preserved for long periods, thus Mingtai aluminum foil is a material of choice for pharmaceutical packaging. Mingtai aluminum foil is food grade and hygienic packaging material, moreover, Mingtai aluminum foil helps to prevent spoilage for pharmaceutical products, it does not harbour or promote bacteria.
Blister packaging which made by Mingtai aluminum foil provide an excellent barrier against external factors such as moisture, gas, odours and light, to keep the pharmaceutical products in a sterile circumstance and protecting temperature-sensitive and fragile products from the rigours of long-term storage. To ensure the safety for Children, child-resistant blister packs also has a widely appliacation in our life, is easy to tear open for adults but difficult for children.

pharmaceutical aluminum foil Aluminum Foil
Mingtai supply pharmaceutical aluminum foil in different alloy or temper, with wide thickness range, to meets customer’s demand. If you have requirements of high quality pharmaceutical aluminum foil please feel free to contact us, or +86-186 3826 8963(Whatsapp/Wechat)

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