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Mingtai aluminum foil keeps foods fresher


In food and drink packaging, food grade aluminum foil saves more resources than are needed for the production of the foil. Mingtai packaging aluminum foil shows excellent barrier to light, gas and moisture, able to keeps foods fresh and preserves product flavour, also can help to extend the valid date of foods for many months, thus Mingtai aluminum foil is an ideal material for composite packaging.

Aseptic cartons has widely application in juice, yoghurt, milk, etc. Aseptic cartons which made by Mingtai aluminum foil is lightweight, easy of transportatio and storage, there has a thin layer of aluminum foil, offers an excellent barrier to light, odour and moisture to keeps products from deterioration. Moreover, this layer of aluminum foil able to keeps products fresh without refrigeration.
Mingtai provide food grade aluminum foil in different alloys, offers a wide thickness range between 0.015-0.2mm, with bottom price. If you have requirements of packaging aluminum foil, please feel free to contact us, or +86-186 3826 8963(Whatsapp/Wechat)

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