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Manufacturer of aluminium sheet for curtain wall with bottom price


Mingtai aluminium sheet is widely used in building and construction, especially for curtain wal. Mingtai is a manufaturer of curtain wall aluminum sheet, supply plain aluminum sheet for curtain wall of high quality, with wide thickness range and bottom price.

Let’s see what features Mingtai aluminium sheet shows when used in curtain wall:

1. Mingtai aluminium sheet for curtain wall is recyclable, with a long service life, it greatlly resuce the costs for building.
2. Mingtai aluminium sheet for curtain wall is lightweight, offers a good strength, a high corrosion resistance, and a good rust resistance able to withstand the impacts from outsaide environment.
3. Shows good abilities in anti-deformation performance and processing performance, can be processed into various shape.
4. The surface of aluminium curtain wall sheet is water-proof, and easy of cleaning and maintenance.

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