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Wholesale Mingtai aluminum coil for cosmetics caps


Mingtai is a manufacturer of aluminum coil for cosmetics caps, offering aluminum coil for cosmetics caps with wholesale price. Mingtai aluminum coil is a matrial of choice for cosmetics caps, given to it’s excellent properties in formability and processability, and a long service life.

The superiorities of Mingtai aluminum coil for cosmetics caps:

1. Mingtai aluminum coil shows a high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, there has a layer of dense oxide film, is fails to react with cosmetics products.
2. Mingtai supply aluminum coil with clean surface, is non-toxic and tasteless, with fewer bubbles and impurities.
3. Mingtai aluminum coil offers good properties in thermal insulation, moisture resistance, and an excellent barrier property to gas, moisture and lights.
4. Mingtai aluminum coil for cosmetics caps is recyclable.

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