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Mingtai food grade aluminum foil helps to keep the flavour for coffee


Mingtai food grade aluminum foil shows an excellent barrier property, and provides a good preservation for coffee. Mingtai food grade aluminum foil offers a moderate strength, which is suitable for lamination with other materials like plastic, moreover, aluminum foil is thin and lightweight, can saving more resources.

food grade aluminum foil

food grade aluminum foil

Nowadays, increasingly number of coffee manufacture prefers to single-serve packs, helps to reducing the spoilage and wastage of coffee, moreover, the single-serve capsules are fully recyclable. Mingtai food garde aluminum foil is also widely used in packaging for food, pharmaceutical products, etc. Aluminum foil bag is more suitable for the vacuum packaging of cooked food, meat, tea, powder, etc, given to it’s excellent barrier property and good extensibility.
Mingtai supply food grade aluminum foil in different alloys, offers a wide thickness range between 0.015-0.2mm, with bottom price. If you have requirements of packaging aluminum foil, please feel free to contact us, or +86-186 3826 8963(Whatsapp/Wechat)

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