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Mingtai aluminium checker plate


ALUMINIUM China, The exhibition booth of Mingtai Aluminum Industry has attracted many customers. Mingtai Aluminum show aluminum checker plate. Mingtai supply aluminum checker plate in different patterns, diamond aluminium plate , 2-Bar tread plate, 3-Bar tread plate and 5-Bar tread plate.

Features of aluminium checker plate

1. Aluminium checker plate is light in weight and easy to use because of its strong bending resistance and durability, it is widely used in doors and windows.
2. Aluminium checker plate has high corrosion resistance, durable in humid environment, easy to use, and its oxide layer will not fade.
3. Aluminium checker plate has beautiful appearance, many different patterns and strong decoration.

Applications of aluminium checker plate

Aluminium checker plate is widely used in furniture, with excellent anti-skid performance and better decoration, and is deeply loved by customers. And widely used in building platforms, vehicles, ships and other anti-skid floor, decoration and other fields.

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