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Method of Calculating the Mass of Aluminum Plate


If you know the specification and quantity of aluminium sheet, How to calculate the quality of these aluminium sheets? for example: 2000pcs size: 6000*1250*1.2mm,

The formula for calculating mass is: Mass = density * Volume
That is to say: m=ρ*V
1.The density of aluminium is 2.7t/m3, The density of aluminium alloy is
approximately equal to that of aluminium alloy.
2.Volume =Thickness * Width * Length
That is to say: V=T*W*L
The result is the mass of an aluminium sheet. Multiplied by the number of
aluminium sheets, that is the quality of these aluminium sheets.
2000pcs size: 6000*1250*1.2mm

In Europe and America, feet and inches are commonly used. for example: SIZE: 60" x 240" x 1/4"  (5ft x 20ft) 100pcs
Foot (ft), inch (in)
The sign of an inch is "

SIZE: 60" x 240" x 1/4"  (5ft x 20ft) 100pcs

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