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Strengthen quality management & Create core competitiveness


With the development of social economy and science and technology, people demand quality products. The quality of products directly affects the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

Organize production according to standardization work. Develop operational procedures and guidelines, and establish sound technical standards and management standards.

mingtai aluminum

Product production process. Our employees have accumulated long-term experience. After the customer uses the aluminum plate, they will give us some information and our staff will study and train regularly.

Quality inspection. Quality inspectors and technicians strictly inspect according to product inspection standards, and obtain accurate information and data through repeated inspections to provide production basis for operators; when quality problems are discovered,  quickly find out the causes and deal with them in time to prevent and reduce the production of substandard products.

Timely overhaul equipment, improve equipment accuracy, and improve equipment quality by improving equipment.

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