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High hardness of the mold aluminum plate


Mold aluminum plates are widely used in aerospace fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines and other fields. The mold aluminum plate is characterized by high strength, good weldability and strong corrosion resistance. For example: aircraft components, gears and shafts, fuse parts, instrument shafts and gears, turbines, keys and defense applications.
Advantages of mold aluminum plate:
Light weight. The density of the aluminum plate is only 36% of the die steel, which can reduce the loss of the machine and the mold.
Easy machining and high dimensional stability.
Excellent thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the mold aluminum plate is higher than that of the mold steel, so the mold cutting time can be saved by 50% during the production, thereby improving the production efficiency of the mold.
Good mechanical properties. Easy to process and good wear resistance.
Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
Mingtai Aluminum can produce mold aluminium sheet with thickness over 16 mm.

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