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Reliable 3003 aluminium chequered plate manufacturer in China


The main characteristic of 3003 aluminium chequered plate is anti-skid. They are provided with optimum forming and welding ability.
The sheets ensure good slip resistance and is resistant to all sort of damage. Simple to clean, these
are provided with many aesthetic effects. 3003 aluminium chequered sheets is plastic, easy to form and has good processing performance. Corrosion resistance of 3003 aluminium tread plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum is good. Simple to clean, these are provided with many aesthetic effects. Surface clean and free from defects.
The Aluminium Chequered Sheets are perfect for shipbuilding, decorative and architectural applications,
stairs, floor decoration, refrigerated trucks, car boards and anti-skid floors. Aluminium Chequered
Sheets are functional as the high quality decoration and protective sheets.
The modern use of these architectural metal materials is in protective covers for wall and ceiling.
The types of 3003 aluminium chequered sheets produced by Mingtai Aluminum are as follows:
aluminum diamond plate, 2 bar aluminum checkered plate, 3 bar aluminum tread plate, 5-bar aluminum
chequered plate.
If you are interested in Mingtai Aluminum 3003 aluminium chequered plate, you are welcome to visit.

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