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Light-weight development of automobile—Automotive parts made of aluminium


In recent years, with the rapid development of economy, The demand for automobile performance in the market is increasing day by day, the development of automobile lightweight is the general trend.So what are the aluminium sheets for automobiles? How about the price? Next, Mingtai Aluminum  will give you a detailed introduction.

In term of the development trend of automobile

Modern automobiles are developing in the direction of lightweight, safety and comfort,energy saving and emission reduction.And automotive aluminium sheet just has these characteristics,the density is small and the weight is light, it can be recycled. Producing more light and energy-saving automobiles with automotive aluminium sheet is a major trend in the future.

In term of the automobile performance
Parts made of automotive aluminium sheet , such as an engine, an automobile hub, can be well reduced in weight. In addition, the aluminum radiator is 20-40% lighter than the other materials,and the aluminum body is more than 40% lighter than that of the steel body,the fuel consumption can be reduced during the actual operation cycle of the vehicle, the emission of the tail gas can be reduced and the environment is protected.
How to choose automotive aluminium sheet?
There are many automotive aluminium sheet in the market. For example, for car doors, car hood and car front and rear wing plate and other parts, commonly used is 5182 aluminum plate. The stamping effect of this product is good. From the user's reaction, there is no crack phenomenon and the application is very ideal. The lightweight aluminum alloy products developed by Mingtai Aluminum Industry for automobile bottom guard plate and automobile gas storage tank are 5083, 5757, 5052 alloy plate and so on. These aluminium alloys are widely used in automotive parts and have good application effect. In addition, the aluminum plate for automobile wheels is mainly 6061 aluminum alloy. This product has mature technology, stable in performance,not easy to deform and good oxidation effect. It is also widely used in mobile phone shell, pull rod box and other fields. Has a good market reputation and word of mouth.

Mingtai Aluminum has been focusing on R&D, production and sales of aluminium alloy sheets for more than 20 years.It has strong technical strength, rich processing experience, the users are all over the world and the industry has a good reputation.If you are interested in automotive aluminium sheet and want to know more about product information, you can consult Mingtai customer Service for free, there will be professional and technical personnel to serve you online in real time.

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