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Alloy Series

  • Our main aluminum alloy products cover 1xxx Series, 3xxx Series, 5xxx Series, 4&7 Series, 6xxx Series and 8xxx Series. The alloys series like 5083, 6061, 1100 and 5052 are frequently used for their excellent performance. We strive to provide an outstanding product and exceptional customer service.
Alloy Series suppliers and Manufacturers

Alloy Series

  • Aluminum 1xxx Series suppliers and Manufacturers

    1xxx Series

    Alloy : 1050 1060 1070 1080 1100 11...

    Utility : Printing Plate,cap stock,tread plate, pack...

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  • Aluminum 3xxx Series suppliers and Manufacturers

    3xxx Series

    Alloy : 3003 3004 3005 3104 3105 3A21

    Utility : cabinet sheet,beverage container stock,cap...

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  • Aluminum 4&7 Series suppliers and Manufacturers

    4&7 Series

    Alloy : 4004 4104 4343 7072

    Utility : composite sheet,composite foil

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  • Aluminum 5xxx Series suppliers and Manufacturers

    5xxx Series

    Alloy : 5005 5042 5052 5083 5086 5...

    Utility : anodizing stock, deep draw stock,tread pla...

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  • Aluminum 6xxx Series suppliers and Manufacturers

    6xxx Series

    Alloy : 6061 6063 6082 6015 6A02

    Utility : automobile, aviation, electronics, mold, q...

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  • Aluminum 8xxx Series suppliers and Manufacturers

    8xxx Series

    Alloy : 8011 8021 8079

    Utility : beverage foil,cable foil,pharmaceutical fo...

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Our Advantages

“1+4”Hot Rolling Production Line

With an annual product capacity of 450,000 tons, the “1+4 hot rolling production line” serves for aviation, transportation, ship building, petrochemical industries and other special demands in the national economy.

“1+4”Hot Rolling Production Line

Research and Development

The research and development center of the company has a full professional staff of 313, including 24 senior engineers and 73 junior engineers. It is equipped with specialized equipments including spectrum analyzers of Bruker and Thermo made, SEM and EDS of Haitachi, oil analyzers, and more. The center has made grate achievements including new product development.

Research and Development

Excellent Quality and Service

Relying on its quality and service, the company has built long term partnership with more than 160 middle and large scale companies of china and overseas. Product is well received in both domestic china as well as many overseas countries.

Excellent Quality and Service

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