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3xxx Series

Our products are mainly applied in rail automobile, electronics, packaging, buildings, container, etc.

  • Aluminum 3xxx Series
  • Aluminum 3xxx Series
  • Aluminum 3xxx Series
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Product Introduction





3 xxx

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The 3xxx series alloys are frequently used for their good combination of strength and formability, weldability, anodising behavior and corrosion resistance. It performs well In heating equipment, such as brazing sheet and heating tubes. In some of the 3xxx alloys like EN–AW 3004 and EN–AW 3104, the strengthening effect of added Mn is supplemented by additions of magnesium which offers further solid solution strengthening.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum 3xxx Series

Double-sided Scapling Machine

Double-sided scapling machine is a special processing machine which is used for aluminum ingot rolling plane before milling. This machine makes it possible for ingot to up and down milling, clamp position and process ingots at all tempers automatically, making the surface roughness of ingots be controlled under 0.5μm.

Aluminum 3xxx Series

Smooth and Fine Surface

Through a pure mechanical principle, this machine can solve all kinds of problems that related to slab surface, lower surface roughness, making the appreance beautiful. The processed slab has smooth and fine surface.

Aluminum 3xxx Series

Pre-stretching Process

Pre-stretching process is to carry out micro pre-stretching with the stretching machine on aluminum alloy thick-plate, thus the residual stress of upwards along the thickness of plank will be eliminated partly or thoughly.

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