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Coated Sheet

Aluminum Coated Sheet is widely used for manufacturing and processing daily hardware utensils, low-tension corrosion-resisting containers, household appliances, architecture decoration, billboard and street nameplate.

  • Aluminum Coated Sheet
  • Aluminum Coated Sheet
  • Aluminum Coated Sheet
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Product Introduction

1 xxx 1060  1100 H42  H44  H46  H48 0.2-600 1700 1900
3 xxx 3003  3004
5 xxx 5052


Though smelting, casting, hot-rolling, cold-rolling, heat-treatment, finishing and other technology, the heavy melting alminium and an appropriate quality of alloying elements is processed to light nonferrous metal material which has the characters of fine luster, good looking, light weight, poisonless and smellessness.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Coated Sheet

Advanced Siemens Control System


we adopts advanced Siemens control system to ensures the precise thickness and stable performance of our production. On March 2014, We obtained the certification of ISOTS16949 issued by SGS— a recognized certificate authority

Aluminum Coated Sheet

International Leading Equipment


We imported the advanced tension-leveling machines to ensure the good shape of aluminum plates. This equipment that equipped with strip entrance system can greatly enhance the quality of products. So there are no scratches or chatter marks on the surface of our production.

Aluminum Coated Sheet

Pre-stretching Process

Pre-stretching process is to carry out micro pre-stretching with the stretching machine on aluminum alloy thick-plate, thus the residual stress of upwards along the thickness of plank will be eliminated partly or thoughly.

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