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Wide Plate

Superior performance in aluminum wide plate makes our product an ideal material for ships, automobiles, subway, and manufacturing industry.

  • Aluminum Wide Plate
  • Aluminum Wide Plate
  • Aluminum Wide Plate
  • Aluminum Wide Plate
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Product Introduction


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Extra Wide aluminum plate requires fewer plates for welded structures, reducing the number of welded joints and lowering fabrication costs. Its excellent properties at high strength-to-weight ratio and high resistance to corrosion, combined with light weight and ease of fabrication and joining, make it attractive for applications.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Wide Plate

Good Performance


We can extracted thin-layer alumina with the thickness of 5~20μm from aluminum plate in chemistry experiments. This product is characterized by high hardness, insulativity, high thermal conductivity, resistance to corrosion and adsorption capacity.

Aluminum Wide Plate

High Safety


Our products are known for its low density, lack of toxicity, high thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. There are no residues on the surface of alumimum sheet and  no poisonous gases during the production. All of our products can meet national standard.

Aluminum Wide Plate

Process Convenience


We can produce the aluminum featured by non-discoloring,resistance to corrosion, lack of toxicity, in-oxidized as well as no rusty. Moreover, our production can bear the long-time sun exposure without color fading. Based on all these advantages , the cost can be greatly reduced.

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