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Brazing Sheet

Aluminu brazing sheet is mainly used in oxygen generating plant, radiator in automotive industry, which characterized with corrosion resistance, good weldability and stable performance.

  • Aluminum Brazing Sheet
  • Aluminum Brazing Sheet
  • Aluminum Brazing Sheet
  • Aluminum Brazing Sheet
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Product Introduction


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Aluminu brazing sheet is a carefully designed sandwich material composed of a core alloy, with a cladding layer on one or both sides of a different aluminium alloy with a different melting point. During brazing, only the cladding alloy melts, while the core alloys stay solid. Compose a suitable brazing sheet by selecting suitable alloys for the core and clad layers.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Brazing Sheet

Slitting Production Line

Main equipments such as including uncoiler, rough tension-leveling machine, circle shear, oil washing equipment, refined tension-leveling machine, can realize integration process. The manufacturing and processing ranges are 4-16 mm * 850-1800 mm * 600-8000 mm, wich can satisfied with most of market demands.

Aluminum Brazing Sheet

International Advanced Grinder


Herkues grinder equipment is imported from Italy and improve the surface quality of products. It not only guarantees beautiful product luster, but also produces no defeat that can be seen.

Aluminum Brazing Sheet

Smooth and Fine Surface

Through a pure mechanical principle, this machine can solve all kinds of problems that related to slab surface, lower surface roughness, making the appreance beautiful. The processed slab has smooth and fine surface.

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