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Thick Plate

The fine properties of aluminu thick plate make them suitable for interior decoration, household application, aerospace equipment, machinery components, etc.

  • Aluminum Thick Plate
  • Aluminum Thick Plate
  • Aluminum Thick Plate
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Product Introduction


1 xxx

1050  1060  1070  1100

O  F  H111  H112  H116   H321  T6  T651


The widest is 3100

The longest is 6000

3 xxx

3003  3004  3005

5 xxx

5005  5052  5251  5083  5086  5182  5754

6 xxx

6061  6063  6082


Aluminu thick plate refers to aluminum plate with the thickness between 6.0 to 250mm, which is availble in various alloys and offers a range of weldability, corrosion resistance and machinability. High strength Aluminum plate, such as 6061, can be used in automotive applications, and high corrosion resistance aluminum plates are commonly used in rail vehicle.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Thick Plate

Classic Polishing Technology


Through a pure mechanical principle, this machine can solve all kinds of problems that related to slab surface, lower surface roughness, making the appreance beautiful. The processed slab has smooth and fine surface.

Aluminum Thick Plate

The accurate saw


We adopt the accurate saw of 660mm to ensure the precise production. The error of our aluminum products is less than 2mm in both horizontal and vertical. The diagonal error is 2.0 *width/1000 mm.We can provide aluminum plates with different types according to customers’ demands.


Aluminum Thick Plate

Slitting Production Line

Main equipments such as including uncoiler, rough tension-leveling machine, circle shear, oil washing equipment, refined tension-leveling machine, can realize integration process. The manufacturing and processing ranges are 4-16 mm * 850-1800 mm * 600-8000 mm, wich can satisfied with most of market demands.

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