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20 tons of 1050h14 aluminum sheets will be shipped to Tunisia
Order quantity:
10 tons
cylindric canisters for telecom cable protection

1050h14 aluminum sheets demand information

Please advise on your best price quotation and MOQ for the following product :Aluminum sheet, Thickness: 0.8mm; Alloy : 1050; Aluminium (Aluminium). Temper : H15; Width x Length : 1m x 2m; Quantity/Order : 5T, 10T, 15T, or 20Tons; End use : cylindric canisters for telecom cable protection; you can quote FOB port of China.

1050h14 aluminum sheets produced by Mingtai

1050h14 aluminum sheets belong to Series 1 industrial pure aluminum, the main impurities are Fe and Si, followed by Cu, Mg, Mn and some rare earth elements. These trace elements play an alloying role in 1050 aluminum coil, and have a certain effect on its microstructure and properties.

Ming Tai production of 1050 aluminum sheet and h18 temper, high shear strength, high tensile strength. It can produce products with a thickness range of 0.2-8.0mm and a width range of 100-2650mm. The length can be customized according to customer requirements. Due to the excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity of 1050 aluminum, it can be used as capacitor shell material. In addition, 1050 aluminum coil is also commonly used as CTP plate base, PS plate base, aluminum plastic plate, lamp material into production.

The performance advantage of the 1050h14 aluminum sheets produced by Mintai

A: 1050 aluminum sheets belong to industrial pure aluminum, low density, good electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity.

B: The appearance of beautiful color, flat layout, no bumps, oil spots, bright line and other defects.

C: Strong plasticity, good corrosion resistance, can accept contact welding and gas welding.

D: With mature processing technology, Mingtai has a great advantage in price compared with other aluminum coil manufacturers.

1050h14 aluminum sheets manufacturer's capacity

Henan MINGTAI ALUMINUM INDUSTRY has 6 semi-continuous CASTING production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 44 other large processing equipment, the annual output of 650,000 tons. 1050 aluminum plate processing technology is mature, the price compared with other series of alloy aluminum plate has a greater advantage. Its 1050 aluminum plate not only has better forming characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity and long service life, low cost, and has a high recovery value.

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