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1060-O aluminum strips for battery shells
Order quantity:
8 tons
battery shells

1060-O aluminum strips demand information

1060 O, 1.0*150/125*c two specifications, used for punching very shallow battery shells, about 20 tons per month. In two weeks, 11 tons of materials were purchased from Mingtai Aluminum after customer samples.

1060-O aluminum strips

1060-O aluminum strips, 1 series pure aluminum, aluminum content can reach 99.6%. The 1060 aluminum products produced by Mingtai Aluminum have excellent geometric dimensions, high surface gloss and good alkali cleaning effect. Not only that, due to the mature technology, Mingtai can produce 1060 aluminum alloys with all temperaments, and can also be made into patterned aluminum plates, embossed aluminum plates, anti-skid aluminum plates and other styles, and the price has a great advantage over other series of alloy aluminum plates.

1060-O aluminum strips

Application fields of 1060-O aluminum strips

1060 aluminum plate can be used in occasions requiring high corrosion resistance and formability, in addition to battery shells, such as chemical equipment, marine equipment, electrical conductor materials, welding rods, etc.

The performance advantages of Mingtai 1060-O aluminum strips

A: As a kind of high-purity aluminum, 1060 aluminum sheet has a large latent heat of fusion and a large light reflection coefficient.

B: The same as 1050 aluminum, it has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and weldability.

C: It can meet the conventional processing requirements, stamping, drawing, and high formability.

D: Mingtai 1060 aluminum alloy has various styles, such as patterned aluminum plate, embossed aluminum plate, and anti-skid aluminum plate.

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