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Colombian customer purchased 19 tons of 1100h14 plain aluminum sheet
Order quantity:
8 tons
Curtain wall

1100h14 plain aluminum sheet requirement information

1100h14 plain or smooth aluminum sheet ; flat sheet of 122*244 meters in 1.4 and 1.9 mm; 3003 h14 aluminu checker plate; thickness: 1mm, 2.4mm, 2.9mm; format of 1000 * 2000; the port would be in Buenaventura Colombia, the price would be fob. Very clear demand, our customer service immediately relayed to our sales business to establish a relationship with the customer.

19 tons of 1100h14 plain aluminum sheet

Surprisingly, it was the first time for a customer to purchase aluminum materials. Our sales business eliminated the customer's project, recommended a suitable alloy, and sent the customer the corresponding sample for testing. The customer was very satisfied with the final sample results, he formally signed an order for 19 tons of 1100 H14 aluminum sheet with Mingtai Aluminum.

1100h14 plain aluminum sheet

Mingtai Aluminum can produce 1100 aluminum sheets

1100 aluminum sheets belong to the series of pure aluminum sheets, which have relatively low strength and excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. After anodizing, the corrosion resistance can be further improved, the surface is beautiful without obvious defects, the board surface is flat, and there is no hemp skin, ridges and oil spots, but it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment.

The 1100 aluminum sheets produced by Mingtai have certain corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking ability.

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