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3004-H24 prepainted aluminum coils
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10 tons
prepainted aluminum coils

115 tons of 3004-H24 prepainted aluminum coils order

Recently, a customer from Turkey purchased 115 tons of 3004-H24 prepainted aluminum coils from our company. Customers say that aluminum coil is the material they need for a long time, because their common projects are roofing materials, aluminum-plastic composite panels, high-end metal clad panels, heat insulation panels, and metal clad panels inside. The customer first consulted the product with thickness of 1.0/1.2, and the final product specification purchased was 0.6*1000, and the quantity was 115 tons.

Mingtai Aluminum can produce 3004-H24 prepainted aluminum coils

The addition of Mn, a component of 3003 alloy, slightly improves the compressive strength while maintaining the excellent process performance and corrosion resistance of pure aluminum. In addition to being a raw material for prepainted aluminum coils, it can also be used in electrical product components. Mingtai Aluminum is also able to manufacture ultra-thick and ultra-wide 3003 aluminum sheets with a maximum width of 2050mm and a maximum thickness of 500mm. If your project requires this material, you can come to consult the price, our price is competitive.

3004-H24 prepainted aluminum coils

How to store 3004-H24 prepainted aluminum coils

1. Ensure that the storage environment is ventilated and dry. Do not put it in a humid place. Aluminum coils are non-ferrous metals. If they are in contact with water, an oxidation reaction will occur, so that the surface of the aluminum coil will be damaged and a protective film will be formed on the surface. To be exact, white oxidation marks will be formed one by one, which will affect the appearance, so a dry environment is a necessary condition for storing aluminum coils.

2, is the sealing of the packaging. Generally speaking, aluminum coils will have waterproof packaging when they leave the factory. The appearance will be wrapped with a layer of plastic sheeting, and a desiccant will be placed inside to prevent oxidation due to moisture or rainy weather during transportation. If you do not use it immediately, it is recommended that you do not open or damage the package, which is suitable for long-term storage.

Generally speaking, the realization of the above two points can reduce the probability of oxidation of aluminum coils when they are stored. The aluminum coil can be stored for a better and longer time.

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