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80 tons of 6061t6 aluminum plate for machinery and equipment
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10 tons
machinery and equipment

80 tons of 6061t6 aluminum plate for machinery and equipment

Recently, a customer purchased 80 tons of 6061t6 aluminum plate from Mingtai Aluminum to manufacture machinery and equipment.

The customer made an inquiry in 2021. After sample testing and communication, he finally confirmed the purchase of 6061t6 aluminum plate recently. Once again, the product quality of Mingtai Aluminum has been recognized by customers.

Where can 6061t6 aluminum plate be used

Suitcases, aluminum furniture, door panels/door handles and other fields; 3C fields such as mobile phone card slots, buttons, computer brackets, computer shells, etc., these are the application fields of 6061 aluminum sheet.

Thick plates are used in mold manufacturing, automated mechanical parts, precision machining and other fields. By the way, many auto parts also use 6061 aluminum sheet.

The advantages of Mingtai Aluminum's 6061t6 aluminum plate

1. Excellent performance. The quality of the national standard, the content of various chemical components and the composition of each component reach the national standard, the material is stable, the performance is superior, and the cost performance is very high. In the cutting process, the knife will not stick to the knife and break.

2. Good stability. Rolled from primary aluminum ingots, the internal components of the aluminum plate are dense and uniform, the hardness of the entire plate is uniform, the mechanical properties are stable, the precision is high, and the performance exceeds the national standard.

3. Good surface quality. 6061 aluminum plate has good shape, bright and smooth surface, no obvious oxide layer, no obvious blisters, pores, black spots and other defects.

6061t6 aluminum plate manufacturers

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum sheets, strips and foils in China. Listed company with 20 years of experience in aluminum sheet processing and manufacturing. The company can produce 6061t6 aluminum plate, 6061-t651 aluminum alloy plate, 6061 aluminum plate and other aluminum plates. Mill finish surface, product quality is recognized by the market, welcome to consult and order!

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