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25 tons of 8011H14 sheets for bottle caps shipped to India
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10 tons
bottle caps

8011H14 sheets for bottle caps demand information

We have a large requirement annually for Aluminum foil for Household Use. The product details is mentioned below:- Alloy:- 8006 or 8011 Thickness:- 7.9micron 8.5micron 9.5micron 10micron 10.5micron Width :- 290mm To start, we will pla order for 1x20FCL. Let us also know your loading capacity in a 20FCL.

As mentioned above, the customer initially demanded household foil. With the development of the project and the expansion of the customer company's field of development, the customer also had demand for other aluminum products. Aluminum closure sheets are one of the key products of our company. The quality of our products has been affirmed by the customer. The customer finally purchased 25 tons of 8011H14 sheets for bottle caps.

8011H14 sheets for bottle caps

Aluminum bottle caps are very common in daily life. They are mainly used for the packaging of beverages, alcohol, and medicine bottles. They have the advantages of good sealing and high safety, and the market demand is very large. Aluminum bottle caps are generally made of 1, 3, and 8 series aluminum foils. Since aluminum caps are mostly processed on a production line with a high degree of automation, the performance requirements of the material are relatively high.

8011H14 sheets for bottle caps manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of rolled aluminum products. The 8011 aluminum bottle cap material has a flat shape and excellent geometric dimensions; at the same time, the surface gloss is high and the alkali cleaning effect is good, which can reach the grade A of the water brushing test; the quality is excellent, and it is recognized by the majority of customers. Mingtai Aluminum has many types of aluminum for bottle caps, complete specifications, reliable quality, and affordable prices. Users can choose the appropriate grade according to the stretching requirements of different products.

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