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100 tons of 8011h14 aluminum closure sheets
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8 tons
aluminum bottle caps

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A customer from Kazakhstan inquired about 8011h14 aluminum sheets for use as aluminum closure sheets. Samples are required for each specification, and if the samples are successful, an official order will be placed. Specifications (mm) are 0.21*1144*931.86; 0.23*1009.6*875; 0.22*1000*870; 0.22*920*1058.75; 0.22*814*1008.2 and so on.

100 tons of 8011h14 aluminum closure sheets

There are many aluminum sheet factories that can produce aluminum closure sheets. Customers who want to purchase in large quantities must know whether the product quality meets the standard. After a series of communication with the sales business, the customer first purchased 1 ton of aluminum closure sheets of 0.21*1144.1*931.8 specifications, which fully met the customer's requirements for quality and other aspects. Immediately, the customer officially placed an order with Mingtai Aluminum for 100 tons of 8011h14 aluminum sheets of the same specification.

8011h14 aluminum closure sheets

Mingtai Aluminum aluminum closure sheets

Commonly used aluminum cap materials include 1100 aluminum coil, 1060 aluminum coil, 1235 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, 3105 aluminum coil, etc., and suitable products can be selected according to different requirements.

8011 aluminum foil can be used for medical caps, cosmetic caps, wine caps and easy-open caps, etc. It has good deep-drawing performance and low ear-making rate. After baking in the cap-making process, 8011 aluminum foil also has A certain strength advantage.

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum sheets, strips and foils. It has special melting furnaces, static furnaces, casting machines, imported plate filters, and experienced casting workers when casting bottle caps and ingots. A series of standardized processes To ensure the stability of product quality.

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