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AL6061-T6 PLATE estimate sent to Vietnam
Order quantity:
10 tons
trucks, buildings, ships,

AL6061-T6 PLATE Requirements Information

AL6061-T6 PLATE 4T~30T 1250*2500mm 2 tons each Please give me an estimate. Yes, as you can see, the customer's demand information is very simple. In December, we prepared samples for the customer and sent them out. In January 2023, the customer officially signed an order for 6 tons with us. The customer said that the quality of your products is as qualified as you said.

Introduction of AL6061-T6 PLATE

As a heat-treatable aluminum plate, 6061 is processed into a T6 state after quenching and rapid cooling at high temperature. The hardness will rise sharply. It will have relatively high strength in practical applications such as mold cutting and CNC panels.

AL6061-T6 PLATE is a more commonly used alloy product. As a quenched aluminum plate, 6061T6 aluminum plate has its specific process, rolling, quenching, sawing, aging, etc. The purpose is to improve the performance and strength of the aluminum plate, and process it into different specifications for use in different places according to different requirements of customers.

6061T6 aluminum plate has played a greater practical value in traditional aspects such as mold manufacturing, rust prevention and oxidation. 6061-T6 aluminum checker plate has excellent anti-slip and durability, and is widely used in floors, stair treads, carriage panels, lifting platforms and other fields.

Other temperature of AL6061-T6 PLATE

6061-O aluminum plate is also commonly used temper, its extrusion formability is good, the hardness and strength of the finished product after quenching are high, and the requirements of high-end wheel hubs are combined with light weight and high strength, and the formed aluminum products are beautiful and generous. Lead the development trend of the industry. 6061-O aluminum plate is mainly used in various industrial structural parts that require a certain strength and high antibacterial corrosion resistance, such as manufacturing trucks, built-up buildings, ships, trams, furniture, mechanical parts, precision machining, industrial materials, etc.

6061 ultra-wide aluminum plate

6061 ultra-wide aluminum plate is a special kind of aluminum plate products. The international standard width of the aluminum plate is 1000, 1200, 1220mm, and we usually define the aluminum plate with a width of more than 1500mm as an ultra-wide aluminum plate. The general thickness of the ultra-wide aluminum plate can only be more than 1mm. The material is mainly 5052, 6061 aluminum alloy, and the common thickness is 1.0--260mm. 6061 ultra-wide aluminum plate is widely used in some emerging strong industries such as shipbuilding, auto parts, electronic equipment, and precision machinery.

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