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Aluminum1100 H14 sheets CIF Bangkok price
Order quantity:
10 tons
curtain wall

Aluminum1100 H14 sheets demand size

Please quote the price detail as below by the way kindly quote the price as below items for you REF. Plate Aluminum1100 H14 Size 0.40 mm.x1,219mm.x2438mm = 5Mt. Plate Aluminum1100 H14 Size 0.60 mm.x1,219mm.x2438mm = 5M . Plate Aluminum1100 H14 Size 1.50 mm.x1,219mm.x2438mm = 5Mt. Coil Aluminum1100 H14 Size 0.70 mm.x2,000mm.xCoil = 10Mt. Aluminum AA5052 H32 Size 2mm. x 1,219mm. x 2,438mm. 1,220 Pcs. Aluminum AA5052 H32 Size 1mm. x 1,219mm. x 2,438mm. = 5Mt.//610 Pcs. As your MOQ please quote CIF Bangkok price for your minimum.

Application of Aluminum1100 H14 sheets

The aluminum1100 H14 sheets produced by Mingtai are generally used in utensils, heat sinks, bottle caps, printed boards, building materials, heat exchanger components, curtain walls, automobile doors, and can also be used as deep-drawing products. They are widely used in cooking utensils and industries. various areas of equipment. If you want to know more, welcome to call us for consultation.

Aluminum curtain wall is a form of curtain wall, which is mostly used for wall shielding and non-lighting walls, and is made of environmentally friendly and energy-saving aluminum alloy. With 1100 aluminum sheet as the base material, it has the characteristics of light weight, fire prevention and corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in the construction industry.

Aluminum1100 H14 sheets CIF Bangkok price

Aluminum1100 H14 sheets CIF Bangkok price is not fixed, mainly because the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates every day, and the processing fee varies with product specifications and status, so the quotation fluctuates. Freight costs in different periods are also different. If you want to know the detailed price, you can call or send us an email, and a professional staff will answer for you.

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