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Argentine customer ordered 56 tons of 5083 aluminum plate for tank car at Mingtai Aluminum
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8 tons
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56 tons of 5083 aluminum sheet for tank truck

We are a group of companies from the energy business in Argentina, and we own a factory of oil tanker trailers, we would like to find a supplier, and we need to know if you can manufacture these products and if you can offer us a FOB or CIF Buenos Aires price for them. Presently, we need to import the following items Aluminum sheet size 3mm x1500x3000, ASTM alloy 5083 temper H111 or 0, quantity 18 ton in total, plastic film on one side, mill finish.

At the beginning, after communication, we sent 5182 aluminum plate samples to the customer. Finally, after testing samples, communication and other processes, the customer ordered 56 tons of 5083 aluminum plate in Mingtai.

5083 aluminum sheet for tank truck

5083 aluminum sheet for tank truck

Tank trucks are divided into railway transportation and road transportation according to the transportation division. Tanker trailer plate must be safe, durable, well formed and corrosion resistant. High quality aluminum plate is the guarantee and foundation of transportation safety for all enterprises using tank trucks. Alloy in 5083, 5454, and 5182 is the first choice of tanker trailer plate. The baffle of the tank truck and some heat preservation tanks are usually made of 5454 aluminum sheet. The commonly used thickness is 5, 6, 7, 8mm, and the common length is within 12.5 meters.

The main advantages of aluminum alloy tanker

The main advantage of aluminum alloy tank trucks is the long-term economic benefits it brings. Due to the relatively small density of aluminum alloys, the mass of aluminum alloys of the same volume is only 1/3 of that of carbon steel. The mass of the aluminum tanker is 3000-4000kg lighter than that of the steel tanker of the same volume. The transportation efficiency of users is significantly improved.

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